The Danish Mathematics Supervisor Network (DMN)

The Danish Mathematics Supervisor Network (DMN) is a network of mathematics teachers having a supervisor function at a public school school to facilitate the development of mathematics education. This is done by supporting knowledge sharing of good experiences and important research results. The previous part through communication on social media, through annual regional meetings, through the annual national conference and through mail information from the national secretariat.

The National Secretariat is domiciled and financed of university college Absalon since 2016. The secretariat maintains the website, produces webinars and other research-based knowledge sharing, and administers the database of registered math tutors.

Denmark is divided into six regions organized as

  • The regional network of math tutors, made up of all members of the DMN in the region. One full day meeting and gang a year. •
  • The regional secretariat, which consists of representation from the Danish Mathematics Teachers’ Association, CFU and the teacher education in the region.
  • The regional network council, which consists of 1 – 2 municipal elected representatives among the municipality’s mathematics advisers.
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